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#BBOGCountDownTo6Weeks: Week 5 News Briefs

Week 5 news briefs: 14 - 20 March 14 March 2 bomb explosions hit internally displaced persons, IDP camp in Maiduguri (Northeast Nigeria), with no fatalities reported Testimonies of hard fighting Nigerian troops at…

#BBOGCountDownTo6Weeks: Week 3 News Briefs

28 February, 2015 Nigeria is advancing against Boko Haram Thousands protest against Boko Haram and rally support for the military in Cameroon (more…)

#BBOGCountDownTo6Weeks: Week 2 News Briefs

Saturday 21 February to Friday 27 February 2015 Saturday 21 February Nigerian military deserter gives battlefield account, expresses grave concern Former UK Prime Minister, and UN Special Envoy Gordon Brown issues plea to Boko…