Chibok Girls Song — ‘Around the World’ By Pardis Sabeti & Bob Katsiaficas

‘Around the World’ – April 14, 2016

On April 14, 2014, nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted from their beds in school in the dead of night in the town of Chibok. One year later, Obiageli Ezekwesili, leader of the #bringbackourgirls campaign, stood before some of the world’s most influential people at the and gave a powerful speech in solidarity with the Chibok girls. She asked how can the world move on as if the girls never existed, going on to say, “No, they do exist. They’re crying to be rescued. And we must rescue them”.

Pardis Sabeti, a professor of genetics and infectious disease at Harvard University was so moved by Oby’s powerful speech that she and her bandmate Bob Katsiaficas created the song “Around the World” featuring Oby’s speech. The song features Nigerian singer Philomena Ehiane, a scientist with whom Pardis has worked for many years studying the deadly viruses Ebola and Lassa.

Today, on the 2-year anniversary of the kidnapping, #bringbackourgirls are releasing a new video for ‘Around the World’, directed by Adio Ash in conjunction with Nollywood Workshops and produced by Adio and Aimee Corrigan. The video tells the story of how ‘around the world, they are taking all our little girls,’ and shows how ‘if we let them fall, one day they will take us all’ but moves to empowerment, asking all of us, around the world to ‘take back our little girls’.

The effort has been completed with the support of the UN Director for Women, the HeForShe campaign, Girl Rising, TIME Magazine and beyond, and features Nigerian film stars Kate Henshaw, Bimbo Akintola, and Hadiza “Gabon” Aliyu.

There are currently an estimated 21 million people in the world enslaved and 4.5 million trafficked (International Labour Organization). Today, 2 years on, the Chibok girls are still missing. It is time to #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS

The lyrics of the song are below, and the song can be heard at:

Chibok Girls Lyrics

In a nightmare
I see a girl
Disappear behind a wall
Police man comes to town
But we’re just told she won’t be found


Around the world
They are taking all our little girls
If we let them fall
One day they will take us all
And the fear inside
Around the world
Around the world

You mistreat us, you beat us down
But our spirits, won’t be drowned
Do you hear, hear that sound
Our voices, they’re getting loud


Around the world
Let’s take back our little girls
Cause their growing strong
And one day they can have it all
If we stand by their side
And don’t let their dreams die

Around the world
We Girls

Oby’s Speech

I am proud to have my loud mouth
And to use it
I am saying to the world
You can’t move on
When 219 young women were taken from their classroom
And we all just carried on
Pretending like they never existed
No, they do exist
They’re crying to be rescued
And we must rescue them


Around the world,
We Girls, yeah, yeah, yeah,

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