Emerging news on ongoing negotiations and possible release of our girls

16 September 2015

Our Movement is closely following recent pronouncements by the Nigerian president regarding ongoing talks with terrorists and a possible release of our 219 abducted Chibok schoolgirls with deep interest and anxiety.

We commend the cautious steps by the federal government at ascertaining the credibility of those it is holding the talks with, and advise that previous mistakes not be repeated.

We hope that the federal government will make the most of the global goodwill and support towards rescuing our Chibok girls and ending terrorism in Nigeria, by galvanising it in gathering the best intelligence on our girls and those offering a negotiation so that it makes the most efficient decisions with long-term, sustainable benefits.

The best outcome in this new round of possible negotiations with the terrorists must be tangible results in the form of securing release of all (or in worse case, some significant number of the girls in the first instance) without yielding to any conditions by the terrorists that are inimical to our national interest.

The Nigerian military working in synergy with the Multinational Joint Taskforce (MNJTF) continues to win the war against the terrorist as it is evidently doing to permanently weaken the terrorists with December timeline in mind. This fact makes for any negotiations to be from strength and advantage.

As a Movement we will continue to closely monitor developments with cautious optimism even as we persist in demanding for our girls’ rescue and looking forward to the December 2015 deadline.

Thank you.

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