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Ours is a fight for humanity. That everyone has the right to live, to be educated and have voice. We are STANDING in solidarity for the 219 Chibok Girls who were taken on April 14th 2014, by Boko Haram and till now, they are still in captivity. Add your voice to this cause to save HUMANITY.
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5 comments on “Join the Movement

  1. Audrey says:

    Fighting for the right for all women across the world to be safe, and have access to education.

  2. Anuli says:

    This is a call for all Nigerian Females (women and girls) to work together to fight Inustice against “The Nigerian woman and girl child.”

  3. AHMED says:

    Girl child education is paramount in nation building i develop liking th strugle bcos i have th same quest wit the orgernisatiom

  4. Denis Gama says:

    The girls really need to be freed

  5. Robert Zwalda says:

    I am a voice crying out from the desert of no where.
    Adopted from a little town of Dapchi in Yobe State of Nigeria.
    That little voice that has been deprived of her fundermental human rights because of my Christian faith,the faith I have grown to accept and stand for.
    I am that voice that seeks freedom from the shackles of wicked and heartless bloodseekers who only inflict pains and sorrow on innocent lives in the name of insurgence.
    Pray for me,pray I see the sun again.
    Pray I unit with my family and friends and walk in the town of Dapchi a free child again.
    Above all,pray God’s will be done in my life because to live is Christ and to die is gain.
    I am Leah Sheribu,that voice yet to be heard.

    Written by:Robert Zwalda

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