My name is Aliyyah Yesufu


My name is Aliyyah Yesufu, and I’m here to stand up for the 219 Chibok School Girls who have been taken for one whole year today. To give hope to the grieving parents who haven’t seen their children for one whole year. To give a voice to those who people who know their voices won’t be heard all because they are less privileged.

I see my parents every day and I feel guilty because 219 Chibok school girls haven’t seen their parents for one whole year. They live in fear of not knowing what is going to happen next whether they would live to see the next second, the next minute, the next hour, the next day. They have lost all hope especially in their country.

I feel sad that I live in a country, where 219 girls would be abducted and kept in captivity for 365 days and yet nothing is done, yet no attempt is made to rescue them, and everyone just moves on as if nothing ever happened. Why? They are kept in the hands of monsters that go around killing people and think they are practicing Islam, but Islam is a religion of peace not violence.

What if it were I that was abducted? Will everyone just move on and forget about me?
Bring Back Our Girls Now And Alive.

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  1. david akinosun says:

    This is the link to my song for this movement title-#BBOG download and let’s spread it around

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