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2nd Year #GWA: US Embassy Engagement

#BBOG visit to US Embassy on 12 April 2016. To get updates on their pledged support, as well as constraints/challenges and a possible way forward to produce results.
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2nd Year #GWA: Workshop on Endangered Education

High level discussions on issues affecting the Nigerian girl-child. Remember and honour students and leaders killed by Boko Haram. Launching of initiative for "Day of the Nigerian Student".
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2nd Year #GWA: Christian/Islam Worship

Christians and Muslims supplications for the safe return of the Chibok Girls and a much peaceful and united Nigeria.
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365DaysOn Album

Photos from the events of the Chibok Girls One Year Commemoration.
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Abuja Daily Sit-Out Album

Photos from the daily sit-out of the BBOG
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Lagos Daily Sit-Out Album

The daily sit-out for Lagos State.
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International Support Group Album

A dynamic collection of photos from our international support groups.