Roses of Chibok -By Salamatu Sule

We are hungry and angry

Waiting to see our roses back

We still hear their mockery voices

As their faceless faces nocks for negotiation

What is the negation that they are not of this soil and place?

Our Roses…

I feel the soft tone of their laces, wishing for just one trace

Empty into the night, stole our light,

So we know why we still pace about in black

With our eyes blank

Tears have fast dried up from our eye banks

As we are steering, still pacing about our CHIBOK

Hoping they will come back

A poem in commemoration of 500 days of Chibok schoolgirls’ abduction

One comment on “Roses of Chibok -By Salamatu Sule

  1. aisha umar says:

    Hello salamtu… can we please talk, im into writing and I got more inspired after watching ur interview with arewa 24. Id be really glad if I get a reply and maybe get to meet you somewhere please. Thanks and God bless Aisha Umar

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