Update on 30-day monitoring of the Nigerian government’s activities to #BringBackOurGirls

7 November 2016

It would be recalled that on 30 September, during our Day 900 of abduction address, we stated that we shall be commencing a 30-day monitoring of the federal government’s activities with regard to rescuing our missing 218 #ChibokGirls. Failure to rescue them at the end of this monitoring period we were to resume our marches to the Presidency at an increased frequency of 48-hourly marches, as against 72-hourly ones that we did within a 3-week interval, weeks ago this past August/September to press our the urgency of our demands.

On 13 October, two weeks into our monitoring, 21 of our missing 218 Chibok girls returned. Thus reducing the number of our missing #ChibokGirls to 197.

Our 30-day monitoring ended on 30 October. As has become our normal culture and practice, we ought to have presented a report of the 30-day monitoring as from 31 October, immediately on expiration of the 30-day monitoring. However due to unfolding circumstances, we decided to extend the monitoring by 2 weeks, up to 13 November. Within this period of extension, one #ChibokGirl Maryam Ali returned on 5 November. We now have 196 more to return!

We shall therefore be presenting the report of our 6 weeks monitoring and matters arising within 7 days, that is on 14 November, as part of our regular #BBOGMonthlyMonitoringInitiative reports.

Thank you.

Sesugh Akume
#BringBackOurGirls Spokesperson


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