Volunteerism, A Thankless Job… -By Edith Yassin

Edith Yassin

Edith Yassin

To be an active citizen is to ask questions of those to whom you ceded certain rights. For instance it is unlawful for citizens to bear arms because the Military and the Police are there to protect them. However, when there is a breach of this contract, there must be accountability.

On April 14, 2014, 276 girls were abducted from a school in Chibok. Nearly two years later, a small group of Nigerians are still demanding for the rescue of 219 girls that remain with Boko Haram. From Abuja to Lagos and a few other towns, the demand continues.

Conversely though, advocacy is a form of volunteerism that is not appreciated much in Nigeria. Many believe there is ulterior motive in dedicating TIME, TALENT and TREASURE to a cause. Others just conclude that you have to be jobless and a few shades of crazy to do so.

Therein lies the crux. Volunteers are most needed in Nigeria of today. Time is money, yet it is wasted, waiting, aimlessly. To volunteer is to give of what you have without expecting any returns. That is how Nationhood is attained.
It is a thankless job, accompanied by sniggers, name calling and insults. Those who would rather the status quo remained will throw spanners and stones at volunteers and advocates.

But volunteerism has worked in other climes, it can make a big difference here. The ‪#‎ChibokGirls‬ would have been forgotten but for the volunteers who daily stand for them. Who remembers Bunin Yadi? Aluo 4? Cynthia’s rape and murder and the countless senseless human orchestrated tragedies that have befallen the country without accountability?

Long before ‪#‎Dasukigate‬ a small group of Nigerians were saying things did not add up and had asked several questions about Military budgets. That is the job of all right thinking citizens of any nation. Do not be silent or indifferent in the face of evil, volunteer to do/say something worthy today.

To all members of ‪#‎BBOG‬, I say we ‪#‎TriumphStill‬! ‪#‎ChibokGirlsNeverToBeForgotten‬


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